Professional book and archives conservation services

Book Studio One offers professional conservation services for historic books and paper. Based in Auckland, we serve the documentary heritage communities throughout New Zealand. The range of materials we can treat includes books, prints, maps, documents, and manuscripts.

We serve the general public as well as museums, galleries, libraries and archives. Please contact us to discuss your needs and let us help you preserve your taonga and family history for future generations.

Removing document from backing to begin conservation

Conservation Treatments

Conservation treatment involves preserving and stabilising an item as it is while retaining as much of the original as possible.

Conservation and restoration are different. Restoration involves returning a book to a new condition through invasive techniques. Conservation may include some restoration, however the aim is to maintain the integrity of the original object and any additions are, where possible, reversible and identifiable.

Vacuuming mould from damaged book

Preventive Conservation

Preventive Conservation is aimed at procedures that can slow the rate of deterioration without direct intervention with the item. This includes proper storage and display, environmental monitoring, care and handling training, disaster readiness, reformatting, and security.

Book returned after treatment

Consultation and advice

We offer a full consultation service that can include written reports and recommendations. This is especially helpful if applying for grants, creating a preservation plan, staff training or building a new repository.

Contact details

For an estimate of costs, please contact David Ashman by email.

The conservation studio is based in Glen Eden, West Auckland. To visit our studio please be in touch to make an appointment.


David is founder and principal conservator of Book Studio One. He has worked in the printing, paper and conservation sectors for over 35 years. He qualified as a conservator through completion of a Diploma in Book and Archives Conservation at the Colchester Institute, and a Higher National Diploma in Conservation Studies from Lincolnshire College of Art, UK.

David has worked in senior positions for Nottinghamshire County Archives in the UK, the National Library of New Zealand, the State Library of Western Australia and Auckland Libraries. In the private sector he was co-founder and principal conservator with Triptych Conservation Services Ltd.


Full member of New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials (NZCCM).

David Ashman in his studio
Photo by John Foster, ARPS

Personal statement

“I am passionate about preserving our written heritage so it can inform and bring joy to future generations. Our family heirlooms and treasured taonga provide a connection with people and events from the past. These can enrich our own and our loved one’s lives”